So Jamie where is this web show you speak of?

Ohhhh yes people I know you are wondering where the heck my web show is! I have no gotten to start it up yet because well…I’ve been busy. I am a writer and I’ve got 2 scripts to finish as well as getting ready for these fabulous web seminars I am starting up for Orlando. I promise to start it when my favorite shows return this fall. September to be exact! We will keep tabs of Revenge, Greys Anatomy, Scandal, and much more!

I can tell you that I have been working on a special musical treat that you all will be able to check out in August. Just remember hashtag #SoDown

Tv Suggestion of The Week: Baby Daddy

So you all know I LOVE watching certain TV shows..I just can’t help myself! I have decided to give you all a show suggestion once a week. This week I think you should check out ABC Family’s ‘Baby Daddy’! It will make you laugh SO hard. I’m not much for comedy’s because I enjoy shows that make me think, but I have this one a chance. The stars of the show include Taj Mawry, Dereck Theler, and my future baby daddy Jean-Luc Bilodeau. They are roommates on the show and one of them finds out he’s a baby daddy and it goes on from there. They are now in the 2nd season, but you can catch up easily on Hulu or Netflix. Two of the guys were recently interviewed about the show.

Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal Finale’s

I’m so excited to see the finales of two of my favorite shows tonight. Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal have had my heart on up and down slopes for the past season. Tonight I’m sure will be epic no doubt. I called Arizona cheating months ago. I knew she would do something as some point. Don’t even get me started on Meredith falling down the stairs in the last episode. I just knew my she-ro Shonda Rhimes was going to break my heart and two right on the spot.

Scandal has the entry point to bring it to the next level in the Fall. Will Olivia really move in to the White House? How would that even work? Nothing crazier than a President in love right? Mellie will be ready to take them both down on a moments notice. My predictions…someone will probably die tonight. lol! What do you think is in store for the Fall season?

SN: I enjoyed the season finale of Once Upon A Time and Revenge this past Sunday. The Revenge finale was the most intense episode of season 2 for sure.