So Jamie where is this web show you speak of?

Ohhhh yes people I know you are wondering where the heck my web show is! I have no gotten to start it up yet because well…I’ve been busy. I am a writer and I’ve got 2 scripts to finish as well as getting ready for these fabulous web seminars I am starting up for Orlando. I promise to start it when my favorite shows return this fall. September to be exact! We will keep tabs of Revenge, Greys Anatomy, Scandal, and much more!

I can tell you that I have been working on a special musical treat that you all will be able to check out in August. Just remember hashtag #SoDown

Snoop Lion RAWR meet Miley

I’m absolutely loving Snoop Dogg’s new song “Ashtray’s and Heartbreaks” featuring Miley Cyrus. I never thought I would be able to admit to that. It has a smooth groove to it and is definitely just in time for Spring weather riding. Are you liking this? By the way I refuse to call Snoop Dogg, lion.

Sidenote…Chris Browns song “Fine China” is growing on me. I just wish he didn’t make the Michael Jackson noises.

Oh Beyonce

I really want to love Beyonce, but I hate when she leads my heart on. Be still everyone. We were all excited to hear her new song, but alas we ended up with just her Pepsi Commercial..which don’t get me wrong it’s awesome. It’s just more awesome when you are expecting it instead of the song. lol “Grown Woman” is supposed to be her first single. It is produced by Timbaland and now I hear it will be out Monday. What do you think of the commercial? I maintain the fact that Britney did it better 😉 (but really…)

The beat does sound great!

One Direction goes the RIGHT direction

I had to slowly admit to being a One Direction fan. They have some great tunes and sound fantastic live, but much like Taylor Swift & Justin Bieber I also am in love with their Viral Promotion Teams. They hit hard with the promotion of their new single “Kiss You” by releasing small behind the scenes clips daily via VEVO for 5 days. Simple steps like this will easily guide them in the right direction to break video release numbers.

Check out “Kiss You” …love this song.