New Music I Love

I felt like doing a post for my 10 ten tracks that I’m feeling right now. Check my list out…do you have your own for spring 2013?

Hunter Hayes “I Want Crazy”

Drop City Yacht Club “Crickets”

98 Degrees “Microphone”

Florrie “Live A Little”

Justin Timberlake “Don’t Hold The Wall”

Jonas Brothers Pom Poms

Snoop Lion & Miley Cyrus “Ashtray’s and Heartbreaks”

Nikki Williams “Glowing”

2AM Club “Not Your Boyfriend”

Ariana Grande “The Way”

Kind of a weird mix…but that’s how I like it!

B5’s return to music…

Am I the only one excited to see B5 back? This year has been great in music making the way for RnB acts to start gaining the spotlight once again. Real music is ready to take over for the summer! I personally really love the song “Say Yes” as well as the video. They really showcased the performance element they offer with the great dance moves. Whomever styled them did a fantastic job too.