Updates on Jamie!!! August 2015

Hello!! It’s been a long time since I have updated this page! Ah! I’ll be turning it into a .com very soon. I am working with a friend on a new short, co writing a horror filk which we are almost finished with, and I’m also writing a film on my own. On top of that later this fall I will continue work on my comic! More info on this will hit this October. A long with all those projects I am working on a children’s web series to go along with my books! You can look for the first episode to premiere next month! I’m very very excited.

I will also be in school as I am working on my degree in cinema studies! I will be attending New York comic con this October so I will cover some of the events for you guys! Thank you for continuing to visit the website and keep up with my work! I have a lot coming this fall!

I also have a small business on the side which you can find on etsy called “Spirit Bras”. I take custom orders…and yes I am the definition of HUSTLER. I’m very crafty and I really hope all of my hard work pays off soon! http://www.etsy.com/shop/spiritbras or check me out on feverr.com/authorjm

What to look out for next month?

A new commercial.
A new short.
A new web series!

September is going to rock.

Dying of excitement: The Wolf of Wallstreet

Ok so we all know Jamie get’s a little bit excited when Leonardo Dicaprio is involved. I have to say I have loved him since I was a kid and I’m SO excited we have another flaw free film coming up from him. The Wolf of Wallstreet has had me excited since he started filming it. Check out the trailer!

By the way yes the webshow will be coming soon! Sorry but I’ve been busy with life. lol