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A Moment of Reality: Trayvon Martin is the Innocent

Be still my heart,
as I walk in the dark…
As the devil follows me,
my home right in front of me…

Be still my heart,
as my color is the sky…
As the darkness shades my eyes,
my innocence is not alive…

Be still my heart,
as our distance does not travel apart,
as I’m stalked in the dark…

Be still my heart,
as no words are spoken,
as a gun comes poking,
as my life is a token…

Be still my heart,
as the hate does its part,
as my brother is left in the dark,
as the devil did his part…

…As I lay here crying in darkness… I can only imagine a future where people can walk down a street with skittles and Arizona Ice Tea in their pockets without being stalked. Every day we want to pretend we don’t have a problem, that we don’t judge people by their skin tone.

This month alone has shed light on the darkness. With a flashlight we can now see that racism is alive and well. It should not only bother me, but it should bother you. No matter what your skin looks like if we are equal you should have a problem. In a world where we are now changing to base our equality on sex instead of race I think we need to refocus and reenter yet another REAL issue.

The fact that we can have lawyers make knock knock jokes and call it disgraceful to prosecute a man that MURDERED an unarmed child makes me sick. If it was your child Mr. Don West would you still make that statement? If it was your daughter that was followed by a man in the dark, and shot because SHE defended herself how would you feel?

At what point is it ok for the innocent to protect themselves from a man in the dark? Mr. O’Mara said a lot of things last night that were disheartening, but what’s worse is we have a news industry that tries to cover the fact that this is a race issue. MSNBC was the only network to acknowledge the topic and for that I applaud you. The State Defense Attorney said “The was not a race problem, but a profiling problem”. Madam Attorney exactly what does that mean? Trayvon Martin was RACIALLY PROFILED AS A BLACK MALE. You cannot have it both ways and I’d rather stick with the truth.

“If Zimmerman was a black man, he would not have been charged” – O’Mara

I challenge you all to revisit this sentence and find truth in it. The mere fact that a white Defense Attorney would utter that sentence is laughable. How dare HE? How dare he belittle something that has been a part of our world less than 51 years ago? Our parents know what it’s like to be segregated, to be sprayed with hoses, to have to use separate restrooms, to be pushed to NOT learn how to read so they would not know their rights. To act as if everyone is one and treated the same is just not the case

I believe this was a win. This was a help. Trayvon Martin is BIGGER than George Zimmerman. Trayvon Martin was on this planet to help further future children walking in the dark, in the rain, on the way to give a 12 year old some candy as requested and to educate those that did not see this coming. Trayvon did NOT die in vain. He brought a spotlight on a topic that most humans are afraid to speak about.

It’s your body, it’s your skin, it’s your love on attack. Don’t forget that.

Be still my heart,
I’m alone in the dark…
Should I run or should I fight,
What about my children walking at night…

Click to join the world and the NAACP in a petition to get rid of the “Stand Your Ground” Law and push for a civil case against the guilty party that has gone unpunished. Not is time for us ALL to stand out grounds and let them know it’s not ok. This law is BROKEN.

Please realize it was just 1964 when the Civil Rights Act was put in to action.

Trayvon Martin 16 years old, and 21 days… R.I.P. 2012 (Crime: Walking Home)
Emmitt Till 14 years old… R.I.P. 1955 (Crime: Flirting with a white woman)

May Trayvon’s family find some kind of peace.

Poem and post by Jamie McAfee “Be Still My Heart”