About Me

Jamie McAfee hails from Orlando, Florida and has always believed in MAGIC! She has written short stories, poetry, scripts and music since she was little and has always enjoyed great family stories like Dr. Suess, The Wizard of Oz, and Harry Potter. She finally decided to start publishing her own in 2012. McAfee loves to pen children’s stories, but also has some tales to tell adults too!

McAfee started her blogging career with former site “Jay Loves It” and later moved on to work on Social Media projects for Chris Brown, Niecy Nash, and Keke Palmer. McAfee worked as Keke Palmer’s Viral Marketing Manager from 2008-2010 leaving to continue work in the film/tv industries and local company projects. She currently works along side Event Production company’s and continues in free-lance Social Media work.

Jamie McAfee worked as Keke Palmer’s Viral Marketing and Promotions Manager Jan 2008-2010. Over the years she has taken on smaller promos for Neicy Nash, Chris Brown, Olay, Strivectin, Dove, Monte Carlo Productions, and many more.


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